Monday, February 20, 2006

Little Willies

Although I am not a fan of Norah Jones' previous works - I think it was because she lacked finding her niche. The whole phony jazz thing was something far overdone and something I just couldnt sit down and listen to. But now I feel Norah is taking her calling - a country project! This album is groovin' beyond belief and shes stole my heart with her new side project, The Little Willies. I always thought the girl had amazing pipes but she was never using them to her advantage. Well, that thought has completely been lost somewhere in between the radio airplay of Collective Soul and the Barenaked Ladies. Her cover of "Gotta Get Drunk" is a much faster tempo than the original, and somehow her and her band pull it off better than the original in my opinion. This album is just a load of fun and I can't wait until March 7th to pick it up. My Norah-hatin' days are over.

Stream the Entire New Album Here!


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