Friday, February 24, 2006

Georgia Anne Muldrow

In an age where soul artists are few and far in between, its always wonderful to see someone gettin' funky. The latest I have found would be Georgia Anne Muldrow off of Stones Throw records. Her production qualities are the first thing that stood out to me. They aren't overdone yet compliment her voice perfectly. When I first heard some of the grooves I even thought back to MF Doom's earlier stuff on "Doomsday" such as the track Operation Doomsday. Its sort of an electro-funk ordeal. Her vocal stylings remind me of maybe a more smooth Jill Scott. Her EP "Worthnothing" has actually been on the streets now for quite some time from releases at shows and such - but its being officially released on 4/4. This is going to be a moment in Neo-Soul I think you should probably check out.

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