Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where has the music gone?

Last night on my wonderful late night adventure to the waffle house - I couldnt help but eaves drop on someones conversation. Its my favorite thing in the world to do at the Waffle House with that wonderful eclectic crowd (did you know they serve chocolate chip waffles now AND take credit cards? Taking a step up!). Anyways, I had to write this quote down because this summed up in one sentence as to why good music is not getting airplay these days - and it also might have to do with the fact that Trace Adkins song "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" is being promoted at the WF, the worst song is recent history. Here are the words that came from this 20-somethings mouth "Matchbox 20-the greatest band on the earth -if you dont know them and love them, you dont know rock n' roll". Now maybe im expecting a little too much from the same guy that just ordered about 19 cups of coffee and capped hash browns - maybe ive lost my mind, but dont people want to hear good music? I mean c'mon it's honestly not that hard to find. If you find one of these blogs you find 500 of them and then you are overwhelmed with beautiful songs one after another. But damnit, Matchbox 20 for christs sake - couldnt it atleast be the cliche answer of Pink Floyd or Zeppelin or any other t-shirt obsessive fan based band to come from the 60's. I think it was just the beginning of the breaking point for me. To each his own - but please, not Matchbox 20.


Blogger Mr. Grimm said...

Hilarious, if not extremely sad. Where have you gone, Collective Soul!

1/31/2006 6:51 PM  
Blogger said...

well, you were at waffle house....

2/03/2006 4:45 AM  
Blogger Jobo said...

haha. this is true. But still - I usually hear more convincing arguements in waffle house than "matchbox 20 is the best band in the world" - I even demand more out of the waffle house comradere!

2/06/2006 8:28 PM  

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