Monday, January 30, 2006

Trip-Hop is back! Well. Kind of...

Theres something just around the corner for all you pot-smoking trip-hop kids living in your parents basements. The 5th Nightmares on Wax LP has been confirmed for march 7th along with talk of a tour following suit. The title of the album is "In a Space Outta Sound" and according to pitchfork this is what can be heard:
"Space features songs that jump from reggae to African percussion to Motown to a "Persian snake charmer's harpsichord," according to a Warp press release. Evelyn's influences include Curtis Mayfield, Quincy Jones, Sarah Vaughn, Duke Ellington, James Brown, dancehall, and old school hip-hop, all of which can be heard in ample amounts on the new record"
Sounds like a ball of fun to me. So make sure your parents old system is set up and ready to go on March 7th

01 Passion
02 The Sweetest
03 Flip Ya Lid
04 Pudpots
05 Damn
06 You Wish
07 Deepdown
08 Chime Out
09 Me!
10 I Am You
11 Soul Purpose
12 African Pirates

I will revisit one of their albums "Smokers Delight" chances later this week. so look for some tracks if you havent already heard one of the only trip-hop groups that matter.


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