Saturday, January 28, 2006

One month down...

With one month down in 2006 so far... My album of the month arises. One of the lesser talked about records so far of the year, Ester Drang's "Rocinate" is an absolutely fantastic album. They took such a huge step up from their last album "Infinite Keys" (even though that was just as beautiful, but in a different sense). At times I hear hints of XTC - Skylarking-era accompanied by Kenna-like vocals, which is one hell of a comparison if you ask me. At times it even reminds me of a more improved version of last years Doves record Lost Cities (and keep in mind, thats only at certain points on the record). Throughout all these comparisons they embody their own sound - one that I think is going to make a major staple in the indie music scene here pretty soon. Jade Tree has the opening track "Come Back Alive" on their site. Here it is

Come Back Alive


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