Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In the news...

VIA Billboard:

Tv on the Radio has signed with Interscope leaving their previous label Touch & Go records for its next album due out later this year. They are hitting a tour which includes the Coachella Festival as well as the All Tomorrows Parties Festival. Before the band gets busy, Adebimpe will play a March 13 solo date at New York club Tonic. If you are in NYC you should check this out for sure. Its going to be something special and rare to see him do a solo date.

Also : I highly encourage you guys to check out the film that Adebimpe stared in. It is called "Jump Tomorrow" and its an extremely fantastic indie film. I was suprised at how much I loved it.

Ween has also just announced a small line of southern/east coast tour dates. Check em out:

Here are Ween's tour dates:

April 7: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Revolution)
April 8: St. Petersburg, Fla. (Jannus Landing)
April 9: Tallahassee, Fla. (the Moon)
April 10: Atlanta (Tabernacle)
April 12: Raleigh, N.C. (Disco Rodeo)
July 15: Masontown, W. Va. (All Good Music Festival

Friday, February 24, 2006

Georgia Anne Muldrow

In an age where soul artists are few and far in between, its always wonderful to see someone gettin' funky. The latest I have found would be Georgia Anne Muldrow off of Stones Throw records. Her production qualities are the first thing that stood out to me. They aren't overdone yet compliment her voice perfectly. When I first heard some of the grooves I even thought back to MF Doom's earlier stuff on "Doomsday" such as the track Operation Doomsday. Its sort of an electro-funk ordeal. Her vocal stylings remind me of maybe a more smooth Jill Scott. Her EP "Worthnothing" has actually been on the streets now for quite some time from releases at shows and such - but its being officially released on 4/4. This is going to be a moment in Neo-Soul I think you should probably check out.

Check out Georgia Anne Muldrow on Myspace!

YouTube Video of the Week: #2

This weeks video of the week goes to a band I can't get enough of after last weeks performances. Sigur Ros. This is a 30 minute documentary I had never seen before about the making of Takk... - The accents are pretty strong so you have to pay pretty close attention, but the images throughout the film keep you plenty occupied. Anyone want to help me fund a trip to Iceland?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lets Hear it for Hip-Hop!

So for today I've decided to post all hip-hop thanks to the recommendations from my wonderful friend Kim up in NYC at Brooklyn Bodega

Dilated Peoples had a new album drop on 2/21 called "20/20" and let me tell you, from what I've heard its pretty hot. I have not been to much of a fan of their previous efforts, but this one I am digging thus far. It seems like they are kicking it back with some roots and making Hip-Hop the way it should be made. I quote from them:
"“20/20, the whole album was made on a 12’’ mentality,” Evidence says. “We weren’t worried about the whole album, how it was going to connect and if we had two love songs and one party song. We just banged it out. We put the record together two or three days before the end of it. We didn’t sit and ride with it. We had it and knew where we were going, but it was more about the individual tunes. There was no questioning ourselves. It was just about making music.”

Also, Ghostface Killa's new album called "Fish Scale" will hit stores 3/28 - I've always been a fan of the Clan and of Ghostfaces work, so I'll make sure to pick this one up and you should too. This streaming track is the only one I've heard and thus far he is staying true to his craft. He is probably doing my favorite work outside of the clan along with RZA.

And finally, there is a track from Brazil's own Sergio Mendes ft. Black Thought. The most internationally successful musician to come out of Brazil does a track with Black Thought that let me be the first to tell you - is the shit. I was a bit weary when Kim sent me over this track - but now I feel stupid for my preconcieved notions. Either this Brazilian star is in his prime at his elderly age or Black Thought is an absolute mastermind.

Stream these tracks at MAXIMUM volume!

Dilated Peoples
Back Again (Windows Media)
Back Again (Real Player)

Ghostface Killa
Back Like That (Real Media)

Segio Mendes ft. Black Thought from the Roots
Yes Yes Ya'll (Real Player)

Nashville's annual Rites of Spring Festival @ Vanderbilt University has announced their official lineup and its looking pretty solid.
It will take place this year the weekend of April 21-22.
The following artists have been confirmed:
Ben Folds
Blue Merle
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Cary Brothers
Gov't Mule
Hopsing Project
Hot Buttered Rum
My Morning Jacket
Old Union

It's worth the pay alone to see MMJ for me - considering this will officially be my 10th time seeing them - its somewhat of a celebration. It's $25 for a one day pass and $40 for the weekend. Other acts I wouldnt mind paying to see include Ben Folds, Cary Brothers, and Gov't Mule - but where the hell does Bone Thugs fit in? Oh well, last year Hootie was there.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ani Difranco is a prolific artist to say the least. A role model for the DIY model and basically any female for that matter. She pays herself a royalty rate of 4 dollars for each album she sells! Now if thats not impressive, then I don't know what is. So my question is, why do her albums as of late keep getting ignored? Sure, "Educated Guess" was not her best body of work, but last year's "Knuckle Down" was an extremely solid album - hell it was downright good. So heres your chance to revisit it if you did not hear it the first time around!

Studying Stones
Knuckle Down

Monday, February 20, 2006

Little Willies

Although I am not a fan of Norah Jones' previous works - I think it was because she lacked finding her niche. The whole phony jazz thing was something far overdone and something I just couldnt sit down and listen to. But now I feel Norah is taking her calling - a country project! This album is groovin' beyond belief and shes stole my heart with her new side project, The Little Willies. I always thought the girl had amazing pipes but she was never using them to her advantage. Well, that thought has completely been lost somewhere in between the radio airplay of Collective Soul and the Barenaked Ladies. Her cover of "Gotta Get Drunk" is a much faster tempo than the original, and somehow her and her band pull it off better than the original in my opinion. This album is just a load of fun and I can't wait until March 7th to pick it up. My Norah-hatin' days are over.

Stream the Entire New Album Here!

Friday, February 17, 2006

YouTube Video of the Week #1

I'm going to start a new series on this blog: the YouTube Video of the Week. This weeks video goes to one of my favorite recording artists of all time... Mr. Otis Redding. After several listens to Otis' "Live in Europe" the past couple of weeks, the more and more I wish they would release live footage and DVD and such.. so I resorted to my good friend YouTube for this footage of "Respect"

Recap of the Week

Sorry everyone that it has been so long since my last post - It's been quite the hectic week. Having either a different test or show to attend every day and every night - Insane, but overall a good week.

During my small hiatus I had a chance to see Nada Surf/Rogue Wave and Supergrass in Nashville - look for Sigur Ros reviews later tonight while I'm still in shock. Nada Surf/Rogue Wave actually blew me away a lot more than I expected it too. Although I've noticed a constant trend in concerts - a massive amount of disrespect. Now I know this is no new thing, but if you are going to pay the price to see a concert - pay somewhat of attention. If you want a social event, possibly take your drink over to Broadway with the rest of Nashville. It's just frustrating to see the Rogue Wave fans talk during Nada Surf and vice versa. Whats even worse are the Rogue Wave fans that left before Nada Surf even came on. I honestly don't feel as if im asking too much of this, but c'mon - lets show a little respect to bands that are still making honest music and making an effort to deliver it to us as the audience.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Azita just finished writing songs for a new musical being put on in chicago called "Detail from the Mountain Side." I would love to be able to catch this musical written by Brian Torrey Scott - It would be an odd one to say the least, considering the tracks I have heard so far are anything but your standard musical. Quite haunting in a way with the sole piano and vocals - a very intimate musical this must be. The tracks from the musical are being released later this quarter.
Love Is

MF Grimm vs. MF Doom

So apparently MF Doom has a new enemy - former companion MF Grimm. Grimm released a diss track directed at DOOM entitled “Book of Daniel” in reference to DOOM’s government name Daniel Dumile. The track is a documentation of the rise and fall of the KMD days. This track is hot - I'm looking forward to how MF Doom reacts to this. Ch-Check it out. thanks to Impose